10+ Famous Parenting Bloggers of the UK to Follow

Sep 14, 2021


Are you interested to explore mind-boggling parenting blogs of the UK? Great! You are in the right place. In this article, our expert influencer marketers have highlighted some of the most famous parenting and mommy bloggers of the country who are taking the new age parenting to another dimension by constantly breaking stereotypes and introducing new ways to deal with conventional things. Some of the influencers listed below are multi-channel influencers and many have been featured as top parenting influencers of the UK in many journals and magazines.

Please note: The list is made randomly as per the relevant topics and ranking of the websites, we did not follow any other chronology while numbering the blogs so don’t judge based on that.

Who are parenting bloggers?

Parenting bloggers are people who love creating content about parenting that includes various aspects of being a mommy/daddy. People love to read their blogs because in most cases they share their personal experiences through exciting articles, proving fresh perspectives to things that people would learn from and encouraged to follow those in their real life. They choose to become vocal about social stigmas because they feel that is their social responsibility which is true in more ways than one.

If you are expecting or struggle to maintain your responsibility as a parent you must-read blogs from different parenting influencers/bloggers. Those will not only showcase new ways of dealing with things but will encourage you to be confident in your own skin.

Scroll down to discover some of the top parenting influencers and bloggers of the UK.

List of top parenting bloggers of the UK to follow

1. Mum in the Madhouse


Jen Walshaw is the founder of the parenting blog who is a mother of two boys 14 months apart in age. She is passionate about raising creative children to provide them with the environment So that they can learn skills that last a lifetime no doubt which is a challenge in this digital age. Through her 14 years of parenting, she is still struggling and learning how to become a hands-on parent. Through her parenting blogs, she likes to showcase her daily life struggle as a parent and encourage others to overcome their problems with utmost confidence. According to her, there is no right way of parenting as each parent is doing their best for their children.

In her blog you will find a wide range of crafting, cooking how to play sports and other creative things that would help you spend more time with your kid in a way they can learn a lot from you.

2. What the Readhead Said


Donna the mom of two has started the parenting blog in November 2016 and blogging is her full-time job. In her blog you will get to know her children better, she loves to encourage her children in a way they would push their limits to achieve more, that’s that art every parent must learn. This blog documents all the members daily life and their ups and downs. If you read her blog you will not feel alone in this struggle, rather you will be motivated to try hard for good. Here you will also found a lot of recipes that she recommend for her kids, if found suitable you can try those for your own toddler.

3. Who’s the Mummy


Sally White is a full time working mom and the founder of the blog and a happy single parent. Through her blog, she loves to share their funny, chaotic lifestyle in a creative way that inspires all the single parents out there to be proud of what they are doing for their children. The main attraction of her blog is the topics which she chose to write about, she writes things about adoption, finding your birth parent in the UK and many other serious as well as sentimental things that people don’t like to discuss. But made things extremely easier for them which is why she is one of the most inspiring parenting bloggers in the UK. Her work has been featured in some of the top websites and magazines of the country which are also famous internationally.

4. Inspiration Edit


Angelina Miles is the founder of this parenting cum lifestyle blog. Her life is not extraordinary it is pretty like someone’s familiar. In her blog, she is extremely vocal about her life and the choices she made together with their consequences. From her childhood, she travelled rather than lived in different places and gained a lot of experience which has helped her shape the person she is today. If you read her struggle story you would be extremely motivated, being vocal is what she chose to do to encourage her readers to talk about their problems. Now she is suffering from chronic illness but still continues to write about various aspects of parenting. Her blog is a must-read if you are looking for some inspirational parenting articles.

5. Mudpie Friday’s


Another popular parenting blog is mud pie Fridays. Apart from parenting, you would get to read a lot about different topics like travelling, art and craft, recipes for kids and many more. In the parenting section, you would find articles about relevant topics like Baby essentials for the first six months, the Benefits of playing outdoor games, how to get free stuff as a mom, Reviews of school shoes, And many more. In the travel section, you would get a handful of articles about various topics like travelling with children, Best hotels to stay with children and many more.

6. Slummy Single Mommy


This website has been founded by Jo who is a freelance writer and a mom of two. In her blog, she writes a lot about her struggle days as a teenage parent. Here you will find a plethora of blogs written about different topics with or without a connection with parenthood. After having a child people had to sacrifice and compromise a lot but that doesn’t they can not have time for themselves. If you are a parenting blogger looking to revamp your content you must go through the blog to get a hand full of inspiration favour different angles of parenthood.

7. Honest Mum


Vicki Broadbent is the founder of the parent blog who is a parenting expert and best selling author of Momboss and The Working Mom. She is a mom of two boys and expecting a rainbow girl. In the blog, she shares her family life, food, activities with kids, lifestyle and many more. Apart from her own blog she also contributes to some other parenting blogs. If you are looking to read some outstanding parenting books you must buy her’s. Reading her parenting blogs regularly will provide you with a lot of new or wrong ideas which would make your life easy with better choices.

8. Science Sparks


More than parenting this blog covers all the interactive education-related topics, perfect for new-age students who are pro at online education. Here you will get to know various funny scientific experiments that can be tried at home with simple kitchen ingredients. If you are looking for new ways to engage with your child the way it would strengthen your bonding him/her you must check out the content of this parenting blog.

9. Mommy Constant


Another popular parenting blog of the UK is Mommy Constant which is also a family lifestyle blog, the readers love the way it has grown over from a little online pregnancy journal. Sonia wanted to document her first pregnancy, now she is 34 and the mummy of two school-age children. Apart from being a parenting blogger, she is also a photography enthusiast. She has a long career in IT support which is why she flawlessly constructed this blog. She loves documenting her lifestyle choices with her husband and children with the world to inspire and motivate them to come out of their shells and do something new. To know more about her creative approach towards parenting check her blog now!

10. A Moment With Franca


Franca is has started this parenting blog as to write about her family, adventures, good days and bad days. The mummy of two gorgeous little girls, in her articles you will get to know her family members better and her role as a mother, here you will also come to know she manages full-time blogging. Her blog has been nominated many a time by different blogging portals. She got the chance to collaborate with many brands and bloggers. To know more about her inspiring stories you can visit her blog without giving it a single thought.

11. Toby & Roo


Harriet understands that parenting is a hard thing, she is the mamma of two boys and a girl. Apart from sharing her thoughts on various aspects of parenting she also writes about feminism, body positivity, letting children be children and many more. If you love reading parenting blogs or contribute your thoughts to the blog you are welcome to connect with Harriet.

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