How To Become A Gaming Influencer On Livestream Platforms?

Aug 17, 2021


With the rapid rise of livestream platforms together with online gaming, gaming influencers are ready to rock the world. Now they are able to earn hundreds and thousands of dollars through facilities like paying subscribers, live chat, affiliate programs etc. If you think you can be one of them then this is the right time to try your luck. But do you get started in the world of gaming influencers where already powerful players have secured their position?

Don’t worry we are here to help! Here are influencer marketers who described some of the possible ways that will help you ease your journey towards becoming a powerful gaming influencer in the coming years.

Tips to become a gaming influencer on livestream platforms

Focus on your niche

In order to grow followers having a defined niche is extremely beneficial. So at the beginning focus on your strength and develop the required skills to polish your existing ones. If you want to use a livestream platform to feature your skills to do it. You can start watching popular gaming YouTube channels or follow famous gaming influencers in order to get an idea about their skills and how they are growing their audience. If you think you have something better to offer go for it. Your audience would love to see your originality which would eventually become your main USP to connect with the crowd.


Connect with your community influencers

Influencers are supposed to help each other growing, we know it is not that easy as it might sound. In the beginning, you might not get a reply from influencers who are already famous, for that you need to prove yourself. But do not let that thing hold you from connecting with other influencers, try to maintain a friendly approach while communicating with influencers from a higher tier. You can get both support and advice from your community, you would also get to know the latest news and updates regarding what is happening around your niche. It would also enhance the chances of getting sponsorship. You can consider taking part in gaming competitions and events which would help you evaluate your skills in this niche. Ask them if they are considering cross-promotion or any forms of collaboration that would foster the chances of making more connections for you.


Grow your audience

The key to becoming a good gaming influencer is to get support from your audience, for that you need to engage with them constantly. Begin by sharing your channel among your friends and family and ask them to re-share them so that you can get more visibility. Try to reply to your comments so that your audience understands you can care for their point of view and so that they would be encouraged to comment more. Handle negative comments into a positive one, tag them in stories. Keywords and hashtags are great to engage with your audience and would help you stand out because those are extremely attention-grabbing and relevant.


Engage with your followers

Do not ignore followers by ignoring their reactions to your posts or videos, instead leverage the power of your social media accounts to show your gratitude towards them. Ask them different questions like how they are liking your content? What else do they want to see? Where do they think you can improve? Etc. Host live sessions where they would get a chance to interact with you directly. It would increase your engagement double within a short lifespan, especially if you keep doing things properly.

Let brands know you are available

If you are interested in collaboration or any other promotional activities better let the brands know about your interest so that they can consider whenever they would have any opportunity. You can mention this point in your bio, consider adopting a logo or a particular design that would help you stand out in the crowd by giving a feeling like a brand. You can mention things like why people should consider subscribing to your channel, what interesting things can offer to your subscribers etc. Check other gaming influencers’ profiles to understand how you should set up your profile to get more followers.

Proper information with a pinch of creativity would make your channel professional and trustworthy which would significantly enhance the perception of your channel.


Partner with a reputed influencer marketing company

If you want to succeed in your gaming influencer career you must think smart, for better response connect with an experienced influencer marketing company of the UK who will provide campaigns for their projects.

As an influencer, it can be difficult to upgrade your skills, create content, upload and manage them, plan for the next content and thinking about getting paid collaboration. This is why big gaming influencers always partner with reputed influencer marketing agencies who ease up the process of getting paid collaborations.

Such companies keep getting influencer marketing projects and continuously looking to partner with famous influencers, bloggers, podcasters and other industry experts who can take their endorsement project to the next level with their skills and knowledge. So, if you register with them getting paid campaigns would become difficult. In the meantime keep approaching the companies on your own, it would enhance the chances of getting more relevant projects.

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Few more steps to follow for gaming influencers

Gaming influencers can make a lot of money using various social media platforms, if you have a passion for gaming and believe in your talent you can think of turning your passion into a profession. You need careful planning to make this happen, follow the simple steps mentioned above in order to get started. At first, take things slow and do not keep your hopes high, it requires a lot of dedication to establish yourself as a brand in this crowded market.

Looking to become a gaming influencer?

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Are you looking to start your career as a gaming influencer? Discover why it is the perfect time to get started? Also, discover some simple steps to ease up the whole process.


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