How Your Influencer Agreement Template Should Look Like?

Aug 12, 2021


Partnering with influencers for your brand engagement doesn’t have to be complicated. It works best when brands and influencers both put their rigidity aside and show openness regarding collaborations. The influencer must follow the campaign task rules but still be able to showcase creativity. For that, a simple influencer agreement is required to keep the entire process methodical and up to date. It also makes things clear for both the brand and the influencers.

Brands must curate every campaign in a way it can fulfil one or a combination of marketing goals. Keeping a focus on creativity is also important which makes the campaign look authentic and engaging. As a leading influencer marketing platform in the UK here we have outlined a sample influencer agreement that will provide a clear idea with loud and clear instruction to the influencers so that both parties know about each other’s expectations.

Do the influencer agreement need to be legal documents?

The main of your influencer agreement should detail all the working terms and conditions between the influencer and the company. Make sure you mention every minute detail in it. One thing you need to consider is your influencer compliant is FTC compliant. As per the Federal Trade Commission brands have to be transparent with their advertising details with influencers. They need to disclose compensation details if required, also the influencers need to disclose whether the post is sponsored. You must include FTC requirements in your agreement to make sure that influencers are well informed beforehand about the campaign criteria.

In most cases, it is not possible for businesses to hire a lawyer every time they plan an influencer advertising campaign. To be on the safe side a template agreement is necessary which would be verified by a lawyer so that you can comply with all the applicable laws and regulations. You can make slight changes according to the requirement of your campaign keeping the basics the same.


Why setting clear expectations are important?

The main objective behind your influencer marketing agreement should be setting up clear goals that will keep the influencer advertiser relationship transparent. You don’t want your content creators to struggle with unrealistic expectations by compromising with their creativity. Instead, if they focus on creating a good brand-centric campaign that can create a buzz about your products and/or services would be much beneficial.

Before signing up the agreement the influencers should know how you want to proceed with your campaign and how you want to represent your brand online. As a brand, you should do everything to avoid confusion that might affect influencer advertiser relationships.

Discuss the agreement beforehand with the influencers. If you are working with new sets of influences or already have worked with them, try to be as much transparent as possible. Tell them about your agreement when they sign-up for you or you pitch your campaign to shortlisting influencers so that they shouldn’t feel like coming out of the blue. Provide a basic idea about the agreement before actually sending it to them to sign. Pin down the exact needs of the campaign within the agreement together with must mention dos and don’ts.


How a social media influencer agreement template would look like?

In order to smoothly work out your partnerships with influencers you can use a social media agreement template like below:

  • Your influencer contract template should include:
  • What endorsement products you are sending to the influencers
  • What the influencers are required to post (mention the timeline they should maintain)
  • Any specific thing they should maintain (or exclude) while posting
  • Mention whether the post will be sponsored (with details)
  • How you are expected to be tagged (whom should they tag any person or the business page)
  • What compensation you are providing your influencers for the campaign

Here is a sample agreement

The influencer will provide 2 (may vary) Instagram posts, 3 (may vary) Instagram stories by (date).

In exchange for the posts, the brands will provide 3 neckpieces worth $150.

The influencer must write a caption within 70 to 100 words mentioning the top features of the neckpiece (texture, colour and style).

The influencer should tag the business page (one or more)

The BRAND will also provide a 5% (may vary) commission to the influencer if the purchase happens using their unique PURCHASE CODE.


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How to know which influencers are suitable for my project?

For that you need to review two things:

Your marketing requirement & Your budget

If you have set a clear goal it will become easier for you to spot the right influencers because you would know what you are expecting from them. The second thing that matters is the niche, if you are looking to endorse a beauty product you would want to partner with beauty bloggers and influencers instead of fitness or food bloggers.

Another thing the influencer must be on the same page with your business, they must genuinely believe in your products then only the campaign would look genuine. Today’s customers are extremely tech-savvy they can easily spot the difference between a genuine recommendation and something which is staged from a mile away.

Also, do not forget to consider your budget while planning for your influencer marketing campaign. As a leading influencer marketing company in the UK, we suggest spending only 50 to 60% of your budget on influencer marketing which includes the cost of the agency (if any), influencers, tools, and execution method. To avoid extra in-house costs you can simply outsource your project to a reputed influencer marketing agency like the big brands and let the experts handle your project. This way you can avoid wasting both time and money and also spot yourself from being frustrated.


Looking for influencer marketing services?

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What is the right time to partner with a reputed influencer marketing company?

A good influencer marketing campaign must be able to appeal to your customers emotionally. For that, you need to research your target market and find how your product can serve your audience. Based on that you can select your influencers who will spread positive words about your brand. If you think your in-team lack the necessary knowledge and skills to run an influencer marketing campaign successfully you must partner with a reputed influencer marketing company that will provide all the necessary services for you.

You can connect with InfluGlue the leading influencer marketing company in the UK with years of experience in dealing with various influencer marketing campaigns. They are well aware of the legal rules and regulations of influencer advertising, they can make an influencer agreement that would be suitable for your project. You can either choose your favourite influencer on your own or let them handpick from their database. You will get the best influencer marketing services at an affordable package.

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