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10 Fashion Influencer Marketing Ideas Brands Can Adopt In 2022 (Infographic)

Table of Content How to curate fashion influencer marketing campaigns to get the most out of it? Ready to launch your fashion influencer marketing campaign? Here’s what you

Apr 29, 2022 Influencer marketing

6 Tips To Plan Your Influencer Marketing Budget

Table of Content 6 tips to plan your influencer marketing budget effectivity Tip 1: Identify well-fitted influencers Tip 2: Research the market value of influencers Tip 3:

Mar 25, 2022 Influencer marketing

Top Gaming Influencers Of UK Who Are Ready To Collaborate

Table of Content List of top 10 gaming influencers of the UK you must follow in 2022 Where to find ready to collaborate gaming influencers of the UK?

Feb 02, 2022 Influencer marketing

10 Benefits Of Working With Micro-Influencer

Micro-influencer marketing is becoming mainstream because brands know how to leverage their power to achieve their marketing goals. Working with micro-influencers is not only more affordable but also extremely engaging because they have a niche-specific audience. Micro and nano-influencers are th

Jan 03, 2022 Influencer marketing

5 Influencer Marketing Ideas For Thanksgiving

Table of Content List of some creative influencer marketing ideas for Thanksgiving Express gratitude by giving back

Dec 17, 2021 Influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing to Boost Sales of Hospitality Businesses [PPT]

For the hospitality industry, one of the fastest ways to get connected with the right-minded audience is through influences. The marketing and advertising area in the sector is continuously evolving which pushes the brand to let its creative juices flow. Influencer marketing is nothing but the di

Nov 23, 2021 Influencer marketing

How To Endorse Liquor Brands Creatively

Table of Content Ideas to endorse liquor brands Which influencers are suitable for liquor brand campaigns? Partnership between celebrities an

Nov 17, 2021 Influencer marketing

Top 6 Types Of Instagram Videos To Boost Sales: InfluGlue

Table of Content What are Instagram’s top-performing content formats? 1. In-feed video posts 2. Stories

Nov 08, 2021 Influencer marketing