Tips To Spot The Fake Influencers: Be Aware Brands!

Sep 24, 2021


Sometimes brands wonder what went wrong in their influencer marketing campaign? Why instead of having great content they could not manage to gather maximum engagement and reach? Well, the culprit can be fake influencers! Who has no real influence over the audience?

Now it is common for brands to embrace the power of influencer marketing to increase brand awareness and trust. But sometimes in the rush to partner with influencers brands end up partnering with fake ones and as a result of a result, they lose both time and money. So it is crucial to check the authenticity of the influencers and whether they had audience credibility. The main prerequisite to the success of the campaigns is influencer selection. There are various profiles online that looks exactly like influencers without doing the work needed to reach the status. If brands fall under the trap of these pseudo influencers your reputation will be at stake.

As a leading influencer marketing platform in the USA here, we highlight some of the points that would help brands like you to understand how to spot fake or pseudo influencers.

Who are fake influencers?

Before you know how to spot them it is crucial to understand who are pseudo influencers. Fake influencers increase their follower numbers by buying followers through bot services. Sometimes real people do this for perks that include getting free products, vouchers, coupons and of course real money. No matter how attractive their profile might look they will never provide a loyal engagement so are of no value to the brand. So it is the brand’s responsibility to spot them and keep a safe distance from them.

How to spot fake influencers?

It is crucial to remember that not only do fake influencers have fake followers more or less everyone on Instagram has some that include genuine influencers as well. Practically you won’t have any control over who will follow your account and if you count yourself as an influencer it goes the same for them as well.

Here are some tips for brands like you for whom genuine engagement matters above all, to stay away from pseudo influencers by spotting them in the first place.


An account with suspicious follower numbers

Genuine accounts maintain a positive pattern when it comes to the number of followers, followed, and engagement. Though everyone has their own strategy to operate and maintain their accounts, nano and micro-influencers are not assorted as the celebrity or mega influencers but still, if you see closely you can easily spot the outliners. For example, they might follow thousands of people but do not have as many followers that don’t make them fake. But someone who has very poor posts like quotes of poor quality pictures with no relevance got thousands and thousands of likes and comments are questionable. Because as a user you might think who will like this post if you don’t!

In general, authentic influencers have more followers than the number of people they follow, so if you find any profile where the number of followers is extremely high in contrast to that if it has only a few following you can suspect the profile.

2. A follower to engagement ratio

F your favourite influencer profile has more than 10k followers but getting only a few likes and comments on his/her posts is not supposed to be relevant. The engagement ratio must be beyond 5% for celebrity and mega influencers and around 8 to 10% for micro-influencers. But how do you calculate them? You need to add the number of likes and comments and divide it with the total number of followers X 100, for better understanding check the picture below.


Engagement is the fundamental metric that is used to measure the performance of the content on any recommended social media platform. Through engagement rate, social media marketers define the success of a campaign, as well as evaluate the power of influence of a content creator. So, if you are in the run to spot fake influencers you must check the engagement ratio of your favourite influencers.

3. Poor quality engagement

If you see your favourite influencers’ got irrelevant comments on his/her posts, for example, the person shares a campaign post related to fitness or health and people are commenting with multiple emojis it is supposed to be suspicious. Loyal followers are supposed to post relevant comments on their favourite influencers’ profiles.

Sometimes we see hundreds of comments on an influencer’s profile that has no connection with the post then it can be a result of paid bot services which has nothing to do with the loyal engagement. If as a brand you end up partnering with such influencers you will end up frustrating because no real engagement you would get.

4. Post frequency

Another important parameter that would help you understand whether the influencer is genuine or fraudulent is the frequency of posts. Loyal influencers are supposed to post three to four posts per week or one per day. If you see that particular influencer was not very active about a couple of months ago and suddenly got momentum recently and managed to get a lot of likes and comments, you are supposed to question that person’s consistency. In the sector of influencers, marketing consistency matters a lot because the more you will be consistent the more followers and engagement you would manage which would help you establish as a loyal influencer.


5. Analyze audience quality

The audience quality of an influencer tells you a lot about the authenticity of his/her influence. So, analysing the quality of the audience is one of the most important steps to spot fake influencers. If you are a brand running you search to spot the fake influencers, go manual to be on the safe side, check the profiles of your influencers’ followers and try to understand how authentic they are.

If you find all this too much for your team simply connect with a reputed influencer marketing company of the UK and let them search for genuine influencers for your project while you can sit back and focus on other important parts of your business.

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What will happen if you end up partnering with fake influencers?

Needless to mention if you end up partnering with fake influencers you will lose both your time and money which you don’t want of course. You are spending your hard-earned money for genuine engagement and if somehow you don’t get that there is no point in running an influencer marketing campaign.

Moreover working with fake influencers will tamper with your reputation because your audience knows the difference between fake influencers and genuine ones.

To be on the safe side it is better to run your research ahead of time so that you can arrange everything on time.


What is the way out?

If you do not want to lose your precious time and money you should hire a reputed influencer marketing company of the UK who will provide all the necessary services required to run successful camping. This is the reason big brands are always looking to partner with an experienced influencer marketing company that will take care of their marketing agenda while they can focus on other parts of their business.

Looking for genuine influencers?

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