Top 10 Plus-Size Fashion Influencers In The UK To Follow

Jul 13, 2021


Talking about body positivity and self-care is important. Earful messages about body shaming and other things are continuing to comes in especially for women, social media trolls are leaving cruel comments, sharing memes, fake accounts saying passive-aggressive things about women everywhere in the world. In this scenario, a strong community of body positivity advocates or plus size fashion influencers are breaking stereotypes by creating awesome relevant content that not only encourage others to showcase their self-love but also help to gain the confidence tore all with internal and external negativity.

But it does not happen overnight, along with the growing consciousness brands now understood the importance of standing for social causes that is also about serious topics like body positivity. Many international brands are now looking to partner with plus-size influencers, body positivity advocates and other industry experts to spread awareness. In this article, we will highlight some of the must-followed plus size fashion influencers in the UK who are taking the concept of body and body-positive to another level with their skill, knowledge and influence.

Let’s begin with:

Who are Plus-Size Influencers?

Plus-size influencers are digital creators who talk about the social movement of body positivity focusing on spreading awareness by empowering individuals. The main aim is to advocate the acceptance of all bodies regardless of physical abilities, size, gender, race, appearance or any other aspects.

They are followed by a strong community where everyone is connected with almost everyone. They have excellent potential to shift people’s mindset not only regarding their final purchase decision but also to stand up for the social cause. They host live sessions, create relevant content, provide inspirational talk sessions and other things to rewrite society’s norms regarding body shaming rules. Their movement aims to challenge traditional beauty standards by building positive body images. They encourage their viewers to love themselves irrespective of their shape and size. Self-acceptance is their key focus which can make or break a person from the inside.

List of Top 10 Plus Size UK Fashion Influencers to Check

Scroll down to discover some of the most followed plus size influencers and body positive advocates of the country who are taking the internet by storm.

1. Diana


The only person she dresses to impress herself this plus size fashionista is the inspiration of millions. From bold two pieces to any kind of western dress she slays in every attire and encourages others to show love for themselves. She has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram check her profile to get inspired.

2. Maria


Another plus-size fashion influencer of the UK is Maria, her Instagram post captions say a lot about her perspective towards body positivity advocacy. If you are thinking about trying a new dress but thinking it might not suit you check her out to prove yourself wrong.

3. Princess Peaches


This plus-size model and influencer is a strong voice for millions of plus size people not only in the UK but also around the world. She is extremely active within her community, she loves documenting her lifestyle and spread awareness about body positivity.

4. Lauren Nicole


Nicole has collaborated with hundreds of fashion brands and spread positivity against social standards of beauty in many ways. Her confidence makes her one of the most followed plus size fashion influencers of the UK.

5. Laura


Laura likes inspiring others to be the best version of themselves, from sharing beautiful makeup looks to slay in bold dresses, her fans like her flawless approach towards her body.

6. Olakemi


This body-positive advocate loves spreading positivity about self-care, she sometimes talks about mental health and how to deal with negative comments. She is also a lifestyle blogger, YouTuber and travel enthusiast. If you check her Instagram account you will find her travelling beautiful places around the world and enjoying her life to the fullest.

7. Antonia Jade


Antonia is another plus-size influencer of the UK who loves to collaborate with fashion and lifestyle brands. If you are looking to become a plus-size model you must follow her.

8. Salem Rose


Salem loves creating different looks and inspires others to try something new without any hesitation. Check her beautiful content on Instagram and uplift your fashion quotient.

9. Lauren Talulah


Lauren likes to communicate with women from her community and inspire them to speak for themselves. For her body is the place of worship no matter the shape, size and colour everyone has the right to live free and to be loved. Follow her for more inspiring content.

10. Gemma


If you are an aspiring plus size fashion influencer of the UK looking to establish yourself outstanding content you must follow influencers like her.

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How plus size fashion influencers can help you endorse your products?

If you are a fashion brand looking to improve your brand reputation you must think of a stand out strategy that will provide your existing customers as well as new people to connect with your brand. What can be better than standing up for a social cause?

As a fashion brand, it is your responsibility to provide equal options to plus-size customers. According to research, many plus-size people in the UK complained about not getting enough purchase options from renowned fashion brands. Emerging brands are now trying to cater for the needs of this untapped market by keeping a broad section for plus size customers. They talk about modern society’s obsession with how we look.

If you partner with plus size influencers it would put you forward because you are taking initiative to break society’s beauty standards. The conventional ways of being attractive might be hurting a specific set of people who don’t have the body shape and size, moreover, such expectations can lead to poor health both physically and mentally.

To spread awareness regarding body positivity brands can include the following approaches within their influencer marketing campaigns:

  • Appear it if unique aspects of one’s body
  • Gratitude for the functions a body can perform
  • Admiration for self-care and self-love
  • Confidence in wearing any attire
  • A focus on positives rather than perceived imperfections (or flaws)
  • How to handle negative comments

If you are looking for a befitting strategy to uplift your brand reputation you need to be strategical. Market research and finding the gap in them is one of the most crucial things to plan a successful influencer marketing campaign. To minimise the errors you can simply partner with a reputed influencer marketing agency in the UK who can help you construct a creative campaign to meet your marketing goals.

Few words before wrapping up

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Are you looking for the top plus size fashion influencers in the UK? Great we have got you covered! Read this article to discover some of the famous plus-size content creators and body-positive advocates who are taking the internet by storm.


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