Top 5 Health And Wellness Influencers To Follow In 2022

Oct 20, 2021


The health and wellness industry is continuously evolving with each passing day. Headlines tell us to avoid specific ingredients, educate and aware us of special products and services. For general people, it can be confusing as there are hundreds of brands outside each claiming to provide the best.

Consumers are supposed to be sceptical, their lack of trust in brand advertisements making it difficult for the brands to prove the authenticity of their products. The tech-savvy customers are always looking for trusted sources to gather information and recommendations when it comes to healthcare and wellness.

If you are looking to enhance your credentials in the health and wellness industry you just know how to leverage the power of influencers who are trusted for their skills and knowledge. Not only that they are followed by thousands of devoted readers and followers, so gaining the audiences’ trust is possible if you know how these subject experts can help you achieve your marketing goals. As a leading influencer marketing platform in the UK, our experts here highlighted some of the examples of a successful influencer marketing campaign for the health and wellness industry together with some of the most influential content creators in this sector.

5 Health and wellness influencers to check-in 2022

1. @Niomismart (1.4m Followers)


Niomi is a health and fitness influencer of the UK, she has her own health and fitness brand. You will find her promoting a lot of health and fitness brands on her Instagram account. She likes talking about sustainable living and how we all can contribute to a better living.

2. Joe Wicks @Thebodycoach (4.1m Followers)


Joe is a health and fitness coach who have helped many to meet their fitness goals with his professional guidance. If you visit his Instagram profile you will see the transformation of many of his clients not only through workout but through an overall change in their lifestyle. If you are looking to endorse your product to increase sales this category of health and wellness influencer would be the best choice provided you have the budget to afford it.

3. Chessie King (798K Followers)


Chessie believes in empowering women of all shapes and sizes by having a healthy relationship with both your body and mind. For her exercising is extremely important but more that it is Important to accept your flaws the way it is. Everyone should be proud of their body and skin and work out to bring the best among them. If you want to boost your sales Chessie is the kind of fitness influencer you should think about partnering with.

4. Carly Rowena (169K Followers)


Carly is the fitness mom and the voice of many, she is not only famous on Instagram but also on YouTube. Her home workouts are extremely famous among her audience. She loves helping new moms to get back their body strength by providing a variety of fitness cards.

5. Lucy Meclenburgh (1.7M Followers)


Lucy is a famous TV personality in the UK making her mark on the fitness and nutrition industry a couple of years ago. She is the owner of the UK’s leading online fitness platforms that offers subscriptions to people who are looking to upgrade their fitness quotient through live fitness classes, nutrition advice and thousands of workout cards.

Examples of successful health and wellness campaigns

1. Hims & Hers


Hims & Hers is a multi-speciality telehealth platform that provides modern personalized health and wellness experiences to customers who are looking to upgrade their fitness quotient. They were looking to bring a revolutionary health care model to the new market. In order to build the brand identity, they seek frank and friendly advice from medical experts because their products address health issues often which are too sensitive to be discussed in public. They have hired male and female content creators to talk about the new features of their services. Their main objective was to connect with digital customers in order to rapid expansion of the market. They have announced their partnership with Alex Rodriguez and Jenifer Lopez to raise awareness and earn the trust of the consumers.

2. Nutrabolt


Nutrabolt is a leading sports nutrition company that has a presence in over 150 countries, they have around 40,000 retailers across the UK. In 2019 the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Anand Kishore together with Katie Tershel, Director of Partnership Marketing at Nutrabolt decided to create influence with all of Nutrabolt’s diverse audiences, they wanted to make fitness and sports nutrition accessible to all. They started to partner with fitness instructors to showcase their products to their audience. The instructors/fitness influencers started to demonstrate the wellness of the products and how they would benefit the consumers.

One of their brand ambassadors was Demi Badgy an 18-year-old athlete with more than 5 million followers on Instagram, she has injured in a cheerleader accident and regained her normal state after several months of treatment, from then on she decided to live a healthy life. Soon she began encouraging others to adopt a better lifestyle. She endorsed the C4 drink with the zero-sugar, zero-carb formula that has become a #1 pre-workout brand in the US. The brand has uplifted its position on social media through the partnership with Demi.

3. Highline Wellness


Another health and wellness brand is Highline Wellness who has its ambassador program mentioned on its website. The brand chooses content creators of different sizes across health and wellness categories. They hired macro-influencers to build brand recognition and credibility, while the responsibility of micro-influencers was to reach the niche market to drive sales.

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How to leverage the power of health and wellness influencers to connect with your audience?

From the above examples of influencer marketing for different health and wellness brands probably have an idea about how to leverage the influence of digital creators to reach new heights. Each brand has different marketing goals according to which they have curated their campaign plan. You know your brand better and you must have different sets of marketing agendas that you want to achieve through your campaign. Research your buyer persona well before you partner with an influencer. It is important to know the strength and weaknesses of your products based on which you can handpick the creators.

If you are sure about your approach you can partner with celebrity fitness influencers and of not micro-influencers in the health and fitness sectors would be an ideal match for you. Moreover, if you have a limited budget think of working with micro and nano influencers who can provide a great engagement and reach to your brand. Understand the strength and weaknesses of the influencers you are going to hire according to which you can instruct them for your campaign.

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Discover how health and wellness influencer marketing campaigns look like with examples from your favourite international fitness brands.


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